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Sample Job Descriptions

Adult Parole Officer
Case Manager
Case Worker
Child Care Worker
Clinical Supervisor
Domestic Violence Advocate
Domestic Violence Child Adv.
Drug Alcohol
Early Childhood Teacher
Family Counselor
Hearing Officer Youth Probation
Homeless Youth Shelter
Hospice Aide
Hospice Nurse
Kindergarten Teacher
Language/Speech Therapist
Lifeguard/Swim Instructor
Living Skills Coordinator
Medical Secretary
Mental Health
Nursery School Attendants
Occupational Therapist
Physically Disadvantaged
Probation Officer Parole
Residential Counselor
School Social Worker
Senior Citizens Case Mgr
Senior Social Worker
Sign Lang Interpreter
Social Worker
Special Ed Teacher
Substance Abuse
Vocational Rehab Specialist
Youth Care Worker
Youth Counselor
Youth Employment Assistant



Some Major Tasks


  • Assistance with the maintenance of the cremation equipment
  • General maintenance of the cremation premises.
  • Know the operation of all the relevant equipment.
  • Knowledge of and ability to keep equipment up to the Health and Safety standards of state.
  • Provide assistance and cover when necessary all relevant areas.
  • The checking and handling of all relevant (local, state, and federal) documentation and records. 

Some Job Activities

  • Assisting with the documentation including the recording of actual times of cremations, consumption of fuel, all emissions and other records which may apply
  • Carrying out the actual cremations of human remains
  • Complying with all relevant local, state and federal regulations including the EPA
  • Ensuring equipment is efficiently used
  • Getting written documentation and authorization from deceased and/or family members before cremation
  • Inspect, maintain, repair interior of combustion chamber
  • Loading the cremation machine(s)
  • Maintaining equipment include possible repair of equipment.
  • Monitoring all equipment
  • Operating of all cremation equipment
  • Recording digital and written records of all cemetery memorials.
  • Recovering the remains for burial or to give to the family
  • Transporting of cremated remains
  • Updating crematorium and burial databases for statistical purposes

Some General Duties

  • Ability to conduct cremation in the presence of bereaved parties
  • Answering phones, funeral bookings, dealing with the public and assisting other staff when necessary
  • Burial usually with a witness
  • Conducting scheduled tests of fire alarm and emergency lighting systems
  • Entering data into computer.
  • Explain the cremation process in layman's terms
  • Give tours of facilities

Important Abilities

  • Ability to associate with clergy, funeral directors, the general public and bereaved family members
  • Ability to communicate with other staff; giving and receiving instructions
  • Exposed to death and family grief
  • Handling coffins and human remains
  • Maintenance duties, which will involve working in, confined areas such as the cremation chamber
  • Must be flexible
  • Often working outside the normal workday hours, including weekends, evenings, and holidays
  • Providing advice
  • Sharing information


Typically holds a Cremator Technician's Certificate of Proficiency.



Expected to attain a satisfactory level of competence within a specified amount of time as an apprentice

This job description can also be found in Word form here.


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