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Letters Of Recommendation

Writing a letter of recommendation can be difficult. You were asked by an employee who is leaving or by a friend. You want to be honest and yet make this person shine. What should you include in a letter of recommendation? Below is an just one example. We recommend you allow a trusted colleague read it before it is released. Be sure to make a copy of your finished letter of recommendation.




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February 23, 1852

Re: John Doe

To Whom It May Concern:

It is with great pleasure that I recommend John Doe. I have known John for several months in the context of being his employer.

One of John's most impressive traits is that he is highly self-motivated. He takes the initiative to learn new things and to be well informed. He voices his concerns and questions in a very appropriate manner. He works very hard and is dedicated to what he wishes to accomplish. 

In terms of personality and interpersonal skills, John is very gifted. He is very sensitive to interpersonal nuances. He has shown the ability to work well with several vulnerable populations including children in childcare centers, emotionally disturbed youth, developmental disabled, mentally ill, traumatic brain injured, and the homeless. He has demonstrated he cares a great deal about the welfare of others. His disposition is very caring and professional.

John's written and verbal communication skills are exceptional. He maintains a professional as well as compassionate relationship with all those he encounters. He is able to take on numerous tasks with little or no direction. Finally, John maintains a professional as well as compassionate relationship with all those he encounters.

In short, I enthusiastically recommend John for any direct care or upper level position. I believe he would be an asset to your program and to the profession.


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